Kate Sheridan (she/they) is a fantasy illustrator and comic artist currently living in Louisville, Kentucky. I love Dungeons & Dragons, character design, pink, and messy, messy characters.

If interested in hiring me for full-length comic work, please contact my agent Kurestin Armada at

If interested in hiring me for shorter comics or illustration, or if you have any questions you can reach me at


  • Adventure Time With Fionna & Cake: Party Bash Blues, Writer, BOOM! Studios, 2019

  • Fallow Time, Writer and Artist, 2017

  • Cool Face Scars, A D&D Zine, Writer and Artist in collaboration with Emily Cheeseman, 2017


  • Aid Another, A D&D Charity Zine, 2018

  • Untamed Heart, 2016

  • Where is Home?: Volume 2, 2015

  • Draw 'Em With the Pointy End: A Game of Thrones Art Book, 2015


  • Curio, Light Grey Art Lab, July 2019

  • Arboretum, Light Grey Art Lab, March 2018

  • Tobeyou, Light Grey Art Lab, February 2017

  • Bowerbird, Light Grey Art Lab, November 2015


  • Team Jörð, Iceland Residency, Light Grey Art Lab, August 2018